Richmond, North Yorkshire, UK


Spring Concert 2024 "Songs for a fragile world"

Saturday 13th April St Mary's Richmond ( this is AFTER Easter)

Saturday Sectional on 24th February

Combined choirs rehearsal on Saturday 16th March


Christmas Concert 2024 

Saturday 14th April St Mary's Richmond 

Combined choirs rehearsal on Saturday 30th November


Singing Workshops

Summer Sing for Pleasure Mornings

Thursday 25th April 8pm- 9.30  in the Town Hall ( Upper voices - soprano and alto)

Wednesday 22nd May 9.30-13.00 in Screen 2 at The Station (All voices)

As usual, it will be a varied and enjoyable time of singing, hopefully to suit all tastes.

More details of cost and how to register will be published in March 2024.


The events are open to anyone who likes to sing, and will give a taste of what it is like to be a member of our choirs. All music is provided.

Please use the Contact us form, or contact the treasurer form for further details.


Autumn term resumes 

18th and 19th September 2024

Saturday Sectional rehearsal for combined choirs  None planned

Christmas Concert Rehearsal Saturday 30th November 2-5pm